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Who is Roxley?


Roxley (Benjamin Tenison), is a passionate musician, turn singer songwriter, spreading the message of finding your true self, fulfilling your purpose and taking care of your mental and physical health. His Debut single “Be Your Own KIng” will be released Saturday 20th of February, with an intimate listening party in Brisbane made up of close friends, family and all his biggest supporters, and passionate fans.


Stumbling across his dad’s record collection at age six, ignited his passion for music, as The police erupted from the speakers. Since then Ben has been on a mission to provide that same life-altering, reality shifting experience for people ever since. 


“The world used to terrify me, I was scared of being judged, making a fool of myself and letting anyone know who I really was. Music was my way to escape the world and feel safe.” 


Believing he was only ever destined to play a behind the scenes role, Roxley gave up on music, and joined the Army. He spent 6 years trying to find his purpose and drive in discipline and comradery of the armed forces, all the while his original beats and riffs played on repeat in his head.

In 2020 Ben began to really develop as an artist. Committing to his life long passion and thus ROXLEY was born, or rather engineered from the ground up. He commenced the year with singing lessons, participating in writing courses designed to extract and refine his inner voice. He was committed like never before to developing his skills and singing his own songs, nothing would stop him from sharing this message with the world. 


“I’d always been the guy in the background, playing a supporting role. Now I am ready to step up, play the lead role, and be my own king!”


Roxley’s music tackles subjects like what masculinity looks like in the 21 century - being powerful, committed, connected and vulnerable. His songs create a space for people to feel heard and seen delving deep into finding your true self and purpose. They give people access to unleashing their true freedom and inspiration out into the world.   


Roxely is passionate about fitness for musicians launching a program called Ripped Like A Rockstar with the purpose of changing the sometimes neglected relationships musicians have with their bodies. Using the discipline he learnt in the Army, Ben has co-founded an accountability group for musicians and visual artists to fulfill their biggest creative dreams, Bohemian Bootcamp .  


Roxley is releasing his unique brand of creativity and inspiration on the world with his debut single ‘Be your own King’ on the 20th Feb 2021.


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